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The scrying mirror on a living room table
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Our black scrying mirror from the front
Me holding our A4 sized black scrying mirror

Black Scrying Mirror (A4 Size)




Enter the Occult with Our Black Scrying Mirror

Begin your journey into divination and the occult with our beautifully crafted A4 Black Scrying Mirror. Measuring 210 mm x 297 mm, this mirror is not just an accessory; it’s a gateway to another realm. Fitted in an elegant black frame, it’s designed for those who seek to explore the depths of their intuition and the mysteries of the universe.

Versatile and Appealing Design

Whether you prefer to hang it on your wall or display it on a flat surface, our scrying mirror adapts to your space. The frame allows for both vertical and horizontal orientation, with a convenient stand that pulls out for easy placement. Its sleek, black frame enhances its dark, mystical look and fits seamlessly into any decor.

What is Scrying?

Scrying is an ancient practice used for divination and meditation. By gazing into a reflective surface, such as our black mirror, practitioners believe they can tap into their subconscious, gain insights, or foresee the future. It’s a powerful tool for those looking to deepen their spiritual practice or explore the unknown.

Your Portal to Discovery

Our Black Scrying Mirror is more than just a mirror. It’s a portal to self-discovery and exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the art of scrying, this mirror is designed to help you unlock the doors to your innermost thoughts and the secrets of the unknown.

Easy to Use and Display

Getting started is simple. Choose your preferred setting, hang it or stand it, and let your divination journey begin. Whether you’re using it for divination, as a focus for meditation, or simply as a unique piece of home decor, our scrying mirror is a versatile and intriguing addition to your space.


  • Size: A4 (21.0 cm x 29.7 cm)
  • Elegant black frame
  • Wall mountable
  • Includes a stand
  • Easy to use
  • Portable and light
  • High-quality black reflective surface



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