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Gemma – Real Haunted Doll



Gemma is a real haunted doll. Gemma is a positive and youthful spirits, and she has a strong presence which you can feel. She’s not too overpowering, but you can often feel she’s there, and she gives off a warm, caring energy. She’s always willing to communicate using a pendulum.

What makes a Haunted Doll a good tool for investigators?

The dolls selected are not solely eerie decorative pieces but are chosen for their high spiritual energy. They serve as a valuable tool to establish the atmosphere for investigations and facilitate communication with childlike spirits. Over time, other spirits may also attach themselves to the dolls.

Adding these dolls to an investigator’s toolkit provides a unique platform for spirits to make contact. You can use a haunted doll in conjunction with an EMF pump to enhance communicative abilities.

It is worth mentioning that these dolls are one-of-a-kind creations from Mourning by Monday, handcrafted and carefully selected for optimal communication. We ethically source our dolls. And we ask for permission from the doll before the painting process as a crucial step in working alongside the spirit realm. As a result, they are not common among other investigators, making them a distinctive addition to any collection.

It is crucial to note that these Haunted Horror Dolls are not to be played with by children. Instead, they are here to assist in paranormal investigations.

Brief History of Haunted Dolls

Haunted dolls have been part of human folklore for centuries. The belief in possessed dolls has roots in various cultures and traditions. Some cultures used dolls as vessels to communicate with the dead. Other cultures believed them to have magical powers.

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