White 3D Printed Mayan Aztec Loud Screaming Skull Shaped Whistle

Mayan Aztec Loud Screaming Skull Shaped Whistle


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The Aztec death whistle makes one of the scariest sounds. And is still one of Mexico’s most terrifying musical instruments. Back in 1999, some archaeologists found a sacrificial victim in the temple of Tlatelolco who was clutching two skull shapes whistles. It wasn’t until a few years later once the death whistle had been catalogued and stored in a museum, that someone decided to blow on it. The whistle produced a bone chilling, screaming shriek.

There are many theories on what the pre-Hispanic Aztek whistle was used for. The first most plausible explanation is that it was blown at the time during sacrifice to help the humans spirit transition over to the other side. The send it that it could be used to summon back the sacrificed Aztek or Mayan in times of needed. The Aztec’s and Mayan’s are believed to be very spiritual, and commonly build spiritual and ritualistic instruments from clay and animal skins.

Although neither of these theories are confirmed, we have witnessed paranormal activity increase at haunted locations after the Aztec Death Whistle was blown. This may be coincidence or there may be more to it.

Credit: Adventures In Sustainability

You are looking at a Mayan Aztec Loud Screaming Skull Shaped Whistle. Emits a loud screaming shriek when blown through the top hole. It is 3D printed from recyclable plastic filament, making it strong, durable and attractive.

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