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The PSB7 Pro ghost box from the side
Me holding the PSB7 PRO Spirit box
The SB7 from the back
The SB7 in its box with the manual and batteries
The PSB7-PRO Spirit Box

PSB7 PRO Spirit Box




Introducing the SB7 Pro Spirit Box, a revolutionary tool for paranormal investigations. This innovative device breaks new ground in the field of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) by incorporating features and functionalities unseen before.

More Than Just a Device

The SB7 Pro Spirit Box transcends being a mere instrument. It acts as a bridge to the spirit world, enabling communication and exploration of the unknown. Through relentless research, development, and countless prototypes, the SB7 Pro Spirit Box emerged. This pioneering device is now ready to empower your investigations. And allows for real-time communication with spirits.

How it Works

Frequency Overlap Technique: The SB7 Pro utilizes a groundbreaking technique that creates clusters of slightly detuned frequencies during sweeps. This provides ample opportunities for spirits to manipulate and form words.

Innovative Scanning Technology

The SB7 Pro Spirit Box boasts innovative features that aim to enhance spirit communication. The development process reportedly involved a sophisticated system for analysing spirit responses. This system may have allowed for the identification of specific frequencies or frequency ranges potentially favourable for spirit interaction.

The SB7 Pro offers user-selectable frequency steps and sweep speeds. This level of control allows users to tailor the scanning process based on environmental conditions or personal preferences.

A core concept behind the SB7 Pro is the “frequency overlap technique.” This technique supposedly creates clusters of slightly detuned frequencies during sweeps. The theory is that these clusters provide more opportunities for spirits to manipulate the radio waves and potentially form words or intelligible responses.

Interactive Sensors

The SB7 Pro Spirit Box goes beyond traditional sweep radio devices with interactive sensors built-in. These sensors allow for potential spirit interaction in two ways:

  • REM Sensor: Imagine an invisible field extending a few inches from the front of the device. This field, created by the REM sensor, can be disrupted by movement or changes in energy. If spirits are present, they may be able to influence this field.
  • Infrared Sensor: Similar to your TV remote, the SB7 Pro has an infrared (IR) sensor. Spirits, if able to manipulate infrared light, could potentially interrupt the sensor’s signal.



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    Amy Turner

    I have used the standard PSB7T since it came out and the Pro delivers much clearer communication. This product has surpassed my expectations.

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