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DeadBox Ghost Hunting app
Ghost Box for talking to spirits in real time
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DeadBox is the most accurate ghost hunting app available. It has a built-in dictionary of words which spirits are able to choose words from. Using white noise analysis, the application monitors the variations in the white noise which ghosts are able to manipulate. This is then matched to words out of the word bank and the word is then spoken. Like the ghost hunting spirit box, you can just run this in a haunted location, and ask the spirits questions, you will be surprised at the accuracy. We have been testing the app thoroughly and have had amazing, accurate and relevant responses. If you are not getting relevant responses the spirits may not want to talk at that time. Try it again at a different time or try a different location.

Available for download Android and IOS devices. DeadBox is similar to the Ovilus device, and the Paratek apps. Which are considered as work bank type devices. The Paratek is also a phone application, which is free. And the Ovilus is a physical word bank, they are made by a company called Digital Dowsing in the USA. You may find DeadBox is a little more accurate in terms of responses than the Paratek. As the Paratek app was designed as an AI word generator and not for communicating with spirits. If there are no ghosts around whilst using DeadBox, you will receive randomly picked words. Just because words are being picked, it doesn’t mean you are communicating with a spirit.

You will know that you are when you start receiving intelligent responses to your questions. If you get 2, 3 or more intelligent responses within a short space of time, it’s possible you are communicating with the other side. Some sceptics do not believe in the phone apps like DeadBox, as they just think it’s a program picking random words. You have to understand that ghosts are made of electrical energy, and they can miniplate just about any electrical device. They can enter the device and override things. They can change channels on your TV, stop your WIFI from working etc. They can enter the brain and implant thoughts, feeling, sensations and visions. This is how physical mediums speak to them, they are more open to the influence of their electrical energy than most.

We have had some amazing experiences with the DeadBox app on many occasions. One of our favourite occasions was at our local graveyard in the UK. We pointed to a grave we had not approached yet, and asked the spirits who’s grave we had just pointed it. We immediately received a name. We then walked up to the grave, and to our shock, it was the name we had just received. It was just the first name but it was impressive just the same. As this could have been a fluke. We pointed to a second grave and asked again, we immediately received a name. As we approached the second headstone, we saw the name matched again. We manged to repeat this 4 times in a row with 4 different headstones. And all 4 names were spoken correctly by the app. As there are hundreds of names stored in the app, the odds of this occurring are in the millions to one. If something like this happens, it is undeniable proof of their existence, without a shadow of a doubt.

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    Tomas Canas

    Not really sure about this app i though it only showed words spoken by spirits but it shows loads of words within so many seconds of each other so I don’t understand Are the spirits supposed to pick a word out at random ?

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