DeadBox Ghost Hunting app
DeadBox Ghost Hunting Wordbank
DeadBox history screen
DeadBox Ghost Hunting app
Ghost Box for talking to spirits in real time



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DeadBox is the most accurate ghost hunting app available. It has a built-in dictionary of words which spirits are able to choose words from. Using white noise analysis, the application monitors the variations in the white noise which ghosts are able to manipulate. This is then matched to words out of the word bank and the word is then spoken.

Like the ghost hunting spirit box, you can just run this in a haunted location, and ask the spirits questions, you will be surprised at the accuracy. We have been testing the app thoroughly and have had amazing, accurate and relevant responses. If you are not getting relevant responses the spirits may not want to talk at that time. Try it again at a different time or try a different location.

Available for download Android and IOS devices.


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