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The DeadBox app is the most precise tool for ghost hunting that you can find. The device incorporates a dictionary of words that spirits can select. The app matches the noise to words in its word bank by analysing white noise variations that ghosts can manipulate. The device then speaks the chosen word aloud. Much like a ghost-hunting spirit box, you can use this app in a haunted location to ask the spirits questions. You will be amazed by the devices’ accuracy. We have tested the app and received fantastic, precise, and pertinent responses. If you are not getting relevant responses, the spirits are not willing to communicate at that time. You can try again later or in a different location.

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The DeadBox app is available for Android and IOS devices. It is comparable to the Ovilus device and Paratek apps, also considered word bank devices. The Paratek app is a free phone application. At the same time, the Ovilus is a physical word bank made by Digital Dowsing in the USA. But DeadBox will likely provide more accurate responses than the Paratek app. Since the latter is an AI word generator rather than a communication tool for spirits. You will receive randomly generated words if no ghosts are around while using DeadBox. It’s important to note that not all words come from spirits.

DeadBox Features

  1. This app is a spirit box to communicate with ghosts.
  2. It displays and speaks the answers chosen by spirits on the screen.
  3. You can adjust the scanning speed to either increase or decrease it.
  4. The app maintains a history of previously chosen words.
  5. You can easily clear the history whenever you want.

How Does It Work

You speak with the other side when you receive intelligent responses to your questions. It becomes even more likely if you receive multiple intelligent responses quickly. However, some sceptics may doubt the efficacy of phone apps like DeadBox. They may dismiss them as programs that generate random words. It’s important to note that ghosts are composed of electrical energy. And that they can manipulate various electrical devices.

They can enter these devices and take control, altering their functions, changing channels on your TV, or disrupting your Wi-Fi signal. Similarly, they can implant thoughts, feelings, sensations, and visions in your mind. The principle is similar to how physical mediums can communicate with them, as they are more receptive to the influence of this electrical energy.

How DeadBox Can Help In Your Paranormal Investigation

We’ve had some remarkable experiences while using the DeadBox app. Still, one of our favourites occurred at a local cemetery in the UK. We pointed to a grave we hadn’t approached yet and asked the spirits whose resting place it was. Almost immediately, we received a name through the app. When we walked up to the grave, we were stunned to find that the name we received matched the one on the headstone, at least for the first name.

So we decided to try again and pointed to another grave, receiving another name in response. Once again, we were amazed to find that the name matched the one on the headstone. We repeated this four times in a row, with a different headstone and receiving a name that matched the headstone. Given that the app contains hundreds of names, the odds of this happening by chance are rare. For us, this experience serves as proof of the existence of ghosts.

ALWAYS STAY SAFE: It’s important to stay safe when communicating with the dead. Opening these doorways can have unforeseen consequences, and they may not always be able to be closed. We recommend cautiously using our Spirit Box app, especially if you plan to use it at home. For safety reasons, it’s usually best to use it in an abandoned and haunted building, where any spirits that you might summon will not be able to harm anyone.

Tips which may help:

  • It is important never to go on a ghost hunt alone.
  • Introduce yourself before using the Ghost Box app.
  • Approach the spirit world with positivity and kindness.
  • Always say goodbye and ask the spirits not to follow you when you leave.

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    Tomas Canas

    Not really sure about this app. I thought it only showed words spoken by spirits, but it shows loads of words within so many seconds of each other, so I don’t understand. Are the spirits supposed to pick a word out at random?

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