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Ghost touch sensor flashing cats balls for hunting ghosts
Black K2 EMF meter for detecting ghosts
Digital voice recorder Dictaphone for catching EVPs and spirit communication
Rem pod ghost detector
Ghost Hunting Equipment Kit 2
Ghost Hunting Equipment

Paranormal Kit 2 – Beginner (2% Discount)

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This set is one of our beginner’s Ghost-Hunting Kits, and it’s ideal if you still need to get equipment and are just starting. The price includes a 2% discount. This kit contains one K2 Meter, which detects EMF (electromagnetic fields). This type of energy is what spirits give off. It contains three touch-activated cat balls, which are sensitive to touch, movement and vibration. One EVP Recorder, which you can use to communicate with spirits. And one portable RemPod, which detects static electricity. There are links to each of these products below, and it might be worth viewing each product as there is more detailed information on each.

Kit Includes

1x K2 Meter
3x Touch Activated Cat Balls
1x EVP Recorder
1x RemPod

K2 Meter

The K2 meter detects EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) disturbances. Many artificial devices emit EMF, such as microwaves, mobile phones, and Wi-Fi routers. However, paranormal enthusiasts believe that ghosts emit or create EMFs, too. The purpose of this device is to detect the presence of ghosts.
When the device detects a spike, you will see the EMF level on the LED indicators. They are marked with reading levels, so you can see the strength of the signal. You can place this device down or walk around with it. Once you find a hotspot, you can investigate more in that area.

Touch-activated cat balls

The touch-activated call balls are cat toys designed for pets. Each ball contains a susceptible vibration sensor that triggers from the slightest touch. Once triggered, they flash red, blue and yellow for 3–4 seconds. They are used for ghost-hunting because they’re easy to trigger for spirits.
The spirits don’t need much energy to trigger these balls. And ghost hunters find them helpful in communicating and detecting the presence of a ghost. These balls should be a staple product in your ghost-hunting kit!

EVP recorder

The EVP recorder is a staple for any would-be ghost-hunter. It’s great for direct communication with ghosts. In essence, it’s just a Dictaphone, but they do work for picking up spirit voices. EVP is short for Electronic Voice Phenomena, where electronic devices record spirit voices.
Our range of hearing is limited as humans, and these electronic devices can detect noises and sounds we cannot. You start the device recording, and you ask the spirits questions. Be sure to leave a gap between questions, so the spirits have time to respond. You then place each recording back and listen out for answers.

Rem Pod

The Rem Pod is another excellent product for detecting the presence of ghosts. It differs from the K2 meter as it detects static electricity instead of EMF. Ghost hunters believe that spirits emit or create static electricity and EMF.
The Rem Pod uses a different method to detect them. Some spirits can work better with the K2 meter and others with the Rem Pod. So we always recommend you have at least one of each device. You can’t walk around with the Rem Pod and need to place it down and leave it after turning it on.

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    Lauren Horner

    My mates and I recently used these to do some ghost-hunting, and they are fantastic, we will be exploring into buying more products from here. Thank you so much. We all had a brilliant night.

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