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Our Necrophone Pro ghost-hunting app

Necrophone Pro (Android & IOS App)




The Necrophone Pro app is designed specifically for spirit communication and paranormal research, making it an ideal tool for ghost hunting. It has a preloaded sound bank containing various words to facilitate communication with the dead.

What’s New In The Recent Update?

New features in the app include white noise, reverb, and echo, which contribute to its eerie vibe and improve its efficacy in communicating with spirits.

The sound bank files use the full range of low, mid, and high frequencies, making establishing contact with the deceased more accessible. The app contains full and partial English words, with varying quality levels, and partial words in other languages. Sample partial phonetic words include “bi”, “no”, “do”, “um”, “ye”, and “an”.

This app may bear some similarities to the other ghost hunting apps with sound banks, such as Necrophobic, Paratek, and Deadwave.

One of the unique features of this app is the ability to toggle the white noise background on and off. The app also includes a moving video background, contributing to its eerie and spooky vibe. Which sets the mood for ghost hunting.

For those who wish to record their Necrophone sessions, it is recommended to use a separate EVP recorder. Alternatively, users can pair Necrophone with an EMF meter to detect any electrical spikes while communicating with spirits or use an SLS camera to capture visual evidence of ghostly activity.

Necrophone Pro Features

  • Database of over 2,000 words
  • You can turn the White noise on and off
  • Reverb and Echo can be turned on and off
  • Creepy vibe and feel to the app
  • No Advertisements or Pop-ups
  • *No Subscriptions or In-App purchases
  • *Lifetime Use with free updates

How Does The Necrophone Pro App Work?

The Necrophone app contains an extensive partial and complete English word database. It uses your phone’s compass, which is essentially an EMF meter. We have linked each word in the database to a different total or partial word. Because ghosts can manipulate EMF, and it allows them to pick phrases.



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