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SpiritShack Ltd is proud to have our products being used on TV.

The Paranormal Files

The Paranormal Files

THE PARANORMAL FILES is a series which explores all things paranormal. Which includes spirits, religion, cryptids and even extraterrestrials. Over the years, the lead investigator Colin Browen has captured a number of extreme paranormal events on camera. This includes physical attacks, clear spirit voices, and even what appear to be apparitions on video camera. The show has taken Colin around the world, travelling state to state and country to country. To investigate claims of extreme paranormal activity. Colin checks out famous locations alleged to be haunted, to see if they really are as active as people claim. His dangerous style of investigating has been changing the way people think about the paranormal for years now, and begs the question – do YOU believe in ghosts?

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Ghosts of Britain

Ghosts Of Britain

Ghosts of Britain are a UK paranormal team with over 2 million followers on Facebook. Team members include Lee Steer, and Linzi Steer. They stream LIVE every night at 9pm UK time, at the worlds most haunted locations! With over 2 Million Followers on their social media page, they have the most loyal and dedicated fans who truly enjoy their 100% REAL paranormal investigations LIVE. They are no strangers to TV and the media, and have been featured on Sky TV, Really Channel, This Morning ITV, Discovery Channel, Amazon Prime. Ghosts of Britain was involved in promotion for Warner Brothers for Annabelle comes home and much more. They have 8 currently listed titles on IMDB, Paranormal Magazine, IMDB TV and DVD Film Listings. Lee and Linzi invite you to our world of the paranormal in an original style like no other!

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Exploring with Fighters EWF YouTube

EWF: Exploring with Fighters

Exploring with Fighters is a popular YouTuber, adventurer, vlogger, traveller and ghost hunter. Owned by Dan Dixson, who has travelled the world showing us the finest abandoned and haunted buildings. Sharing and showing the amazing background and history that goes with them. Dan uses a few of our products such as the SpiritPod X1 and our Ghostly Music Box. Click here to see Dan Dixson using our Ghostly Music Box, skip to 51:17.

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