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The Conjuring 2 film cover

Is The Conjuring 2 Based On A True Story?

If you're a fan of horror, you've probably already heard of the ultra-popular movie franchise The Conjuring. The original film took the paranormal community by storm as fans of the movie started to delve a little deeper into the reportedly true story that inspired it. When The Conjuring 2 was released, more and more paranormal enthusiasts began asking themselves if the seemingly made-for-Hollywood plot of the movie was real or just a horror story to scare the wits out of unsuspecting movie goers.
Paranormal Activity where the woman is stood over the bed watching her husband sleep

Is Paranormal Activity Real?

"Real" or just reel-to-reel? That's the question on everyone's minds when they sit down to watch a horror movie like Paranormal Activity. The brains behind the boos is Israeli film director and producer Oren Peli, who, funny enough, is actually quite spooked by ghost stories himself. Paranormal Activity, much like other horror films, taps into genuine human anxieties and myths about the supernatural, even though it isn't real.