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angel tarot card deck on a table with sage and a crystal

Angel Tarot Card Mastery: Tips for Better Readings

Angel tarot cards are a divination tool but are sometimes mixed with traditional major/minor arcana. Historically, angel decks are new compared to traditional tarot. The angel tarot card deck popped up in the 1800s, quite a while after the original deck (which appeared in the 15th century). The deck was created as a way to connect with ancient angelic beings or supreme angelic beings.

What Is Divining? And Does It Work?

The practice of using a forked stick to locate water underground is age-old. It's known as "divining," "dowsing," "water witching", and "doodle bugging." Some consider it a unique ability. But others dismiss it as pseudoscience. So what is it? Is it magic? Myth? Or all in our minds? Divining is a form of divination that involves the use of tools.
What the UK Believes About Witchcraft 628-628

What the UK Believes About Witchcraft

A figure in black riding a broomstick through the night sky is a classic image from stories throughout history. But how true are these representations of witches? We’re exploring how the UK feels about witchcraft and what they believe it all means. Working from answers from 1,007 respondents, we get a much clearer understanding of how Britons think and feel about witchcraft beliefs.
Ingredients for a love spell

Do Magic Spells Work?

Do you need a professional witch to cast a spell for you? If so you have come to the right place. Here at SpiritShack, we have a team of independatn witches who are happy to help with any of your spell casting needs. Once you have purchased the magic spells you need. We will pass your contact information on to one of our witches.
Witch performing love spells at her alter

Love Spells – The Ultimate Guide, The Basics and Beyond

In this ultimate guide to love spells, we will teach you the basics and beyond. We will take an in-depth look at the materials needed. And how to craft and cast the spell. And read the signs from the universe and other tips and tricks. By the end of this article, you will have all the tools and knowledge to cast simple yet powerful love spells that work.
The History of Witches and Halloween

Why Are Witches Associated With Halloween?

Witches are one of the most common entities associated with Halloween. When you think of a witch, it’s common to think of an old, crouched over, a hook-nosed woman who’s stirring a big steaming cauldron brewing a potion. But where does this image come from? Have you ever wondered where this image of the witch started and the history behind witches? Thousands of years ago, peoples lives were a lot more primitive than the luxury we know today.