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Portait of Catherine Howard

The Ghost Of Catherine Howard

Why was Catherine Howard known as the "Screaming Queen"? Why do people faint when visiting the Haunted Gallery at Hampton Court? Is Catherine the most famous ghost at Hampton Court Palace? Let's journey back to Tudor times to answer these questions and more. We explore the fascinating and tragic life of Catherine Howard and how her turbulent spirit seems destined to scream through eternity.
A photo of the sign at Blue Bell Hill

The Unraveling Of The Mysterious Blue Bell Hill Ghost

Imagine driving late at night and suddenly seeing a woman running in front of your car, locking eyes with you for an instant before the sickening impact. You hear a nasty thud and see her disappearing under your car. This is one of the disturbing ordeals unsuspecting motorists have experienced near Blue Bell Hill in Kent.
The ghost of the Gurning Man

The Haunting Presence Of The Gurning Man

Making its appearance in Glasgow's Crosshill area between 1976 and 1979, few ghost stories evoke fear like those of the Gurning Man. Said to have only appeared to females, the apparition, dressed in tight dark clothes with a twitching body and menacing grimace, struck fear in those who saw it. Read on to learn more about the Gurning Man, the terrifying experiences of those who encountered it, and if this ghostly, bizarre figure ever appeared again.
A person wearing a ghost custume pointing

70+ Top Ghost Puns

Whether you're a paranormal enthusiast or are just planning on throwing an epic Halloween party, having a couple of ghost jokes up your sleeve is a sure-fire way to ensure you're a hit amongst any crowd. Ghost puns are just what you need to keep your spirits high during a scary night of telling spooky ghost stories or while on the hunt for evidence of the other side.
A realistic image of Anne Boleyns ghost

The Haunting Tale of Anne Boleyn’s Ghost

Born in the early 1500s, Anne Boleyn lived a short and eventful life, becoming the Queen of England in June 1533. What should have been a fairytale life soon turned into horror: Her husband, King Henry VIII, frustrated with her inability to give him a son, accused her of adultery, incest, and treason.
The ghost of Bloody Mary

10 Famous Female Ghosts

Have you ever noticed that some of the most famous paranormal tales have female spirits as the main characters? From innocent young girls to powerful witches, these ghost stories and urban legends are deeply compelling from start to finish. In this article, we'll shed light on some of the most noteworthy female ghosts around the world.
The Do You Believe In Ghosts? Advertisement

Do You Believe In Ghosts? Theatre: What Is It About

"Do you believe in ghosts?" is not just a question you ask a child. This phrase now embodies a brand-new theatre production of the same name found in theatres across the UK. Perhaps you've seen the YouTube teaser that's got you wondering about the play, or you saw it on the schedule of your local theatre.
Cernunnos the Celtic horned god

Cernunnos – The History, Myth and Folklore

Cernunnos was a horned god worshipped by the Gauls, a Celtic people who lived in what is now France and Belgium (that's Asterix and Obelix land!). His popularity didn't end there. This horned god was also revered by other Celtic tribes across Europe and the British Isles. It's fair to say that back in the day, he was a pretty big deal throughout the Celtic world.
the best ghost hunting movies of all time

What Are The Best Ghost Hunting Movies?

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is the third movie in the Conjuring instalment - if you're not counting the other movies in the Conjuring universe, like Annabelle. But we're not here to talk about haunted dolls! This film delivers thrilling ghost-hunting reality right to our screens. And to make it more creepy, it's based on a true story! The iconic paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, return for a new spin on horror movies.
ghostbusters car

The History of the Ectomobile Ghostbusters Car

As the Ghostbusters took on countless ghostly adventures on the streets of New York City, they needed a reliable set of wheels to get them from one spooky hotspot to another. Enter their trusty steed, otherwise known as the Ectomobile or Ecto-1. The Ghostbusters' car is a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor combination car.