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What Is The Ghost Emoji? The Meaning Behind It

Halloween is the perfect time for emojis. We use them in our texts, tweets, and captions to show all the fun and spooky things associated with the holiday. Among the other emojis we use, like the vampire and spider web, the ghost emoji 👻 is a favourite that we enjoy all year round. But what does this emoji really mean? Our not-so-paranormal investigation of the Emojiology behind the ghost emoji might shed some light on the matter.
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How To Celebrate Halloween

It is commonly known that around Halloween time, the veil that separates the spirit world from the physical world is at its most permeable. This makes right now the ideal time to meditate on your connection with those you love who may have passed, as well as to your ancestral heritage and those you may never have got to meet, but whose lives have shaped you as a person today.
Trick or Treat Pumpkin

14 Fun Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Carving pumpkins is one of the most fun and easy Halloween activities you can do. All you need is pumpkins and carving tools, and to invite your family or friends round for a pumpkin carving contest. It’s a great opportunity to get your hands a little dirty and show off your artistic side. So what shape should you go for this year? The classic creepy grin has likely been overdone, but here we have a selection of 15 fun pumpkin carving designs to choose from to show your creativity and take the crown of the best pumpkin in the neighbourhood.
The History of Witches and Halloween

Why Are Witches Associated With Halloween?

Witches are one of the most common entities associated with Halloween. When you think of a witch, it’s common to think of an old, crouched over, a hook-nosed woman who’s stirring a big steaming cauldron brewing a potion. But where does this image come from? Have you ever wondered where this image of the witch started and the history behind witches? Thousands of years ago, peoples lives were a lot more primitive than the luxury we know today.
Throw a halloween party

Fun Things To Do This Halloween

As autumn sets in and the spooky season get into full swing, we all start to look for fun things to do while the weather is gloomy. One of the best autumn celebrations is, of course, Halloween! And we’ve put together a fun list of things you could do this year. Halloween is a fun time to dress up, celebrate with your family and friends or simply cosy up inside with a Halloween film and carve a pumpkin.
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Top Halloween Facts to Surprise Your Friends With

As most of us know, Halloween falls on the 31st of October every year. What was previously a pagan holiday and thought to be the time of the year when the veil separating the spiritual and physical world was most thin, is now a time known by most as an occasion to dress up in spooky costumes and celebrate with family and friends.
Samhain, Is It The True Origin Of Halloween?

Is Samhain The Same As Halloween?

The origins of Halloween are more than likely not what you thought. Before Christianity, the night before November 1st was known as Samhain. A Gaelic word meaning "summer's end", and Celts observed it in Europe. Most people believe Halloween to be a night of the ghouls and devil, but this is not true.