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Robert the haunted doll in his glass case

Is Robert The Doll Real?

< It's believed that Robert the Doll is the most haunted doll in the world. It's alleged that this straw doll, dressed in an old sailor suit, is possessed by a malevolent spirit that brings misfortune to those it crosses paths with. He was apparently first purchased on a trip to Germany, but today he sits behind a glass case in a Florida museum, cursing anyone who dares to disrespect him.
Spooky looking haunted doll sat in front of a mirror

How Do You Know If A Doll Is Haunted? Haunted Dolls For Dummies

Picture this: You've picked up a beautiful antique doll at your local garage sale. You're excited to bring it home and place it on your mantelpiece. Boasting to family and friends about your brand-new, vintage find. But not long after, strange and eerie things start to happen. The demeanour within the house changes and light bulbs begin to flicker.
The Real Devil's Rocking Chair

The Devil’s Rocking Chair

One of the many haunted objects Zak Bagans bought to display in The Haunted Museum was an allegedly evil chair, known as The Devil’s Rocking Chair. The history of this object and its first owner is a mystery, however, we do know that it became owned by the Glatzel family around the 1950s. Any particularly strange activity went unnoticed for the first 30 years that the family owned the chair.
The haunted Pulau Ubin doll

The 6 Most Haunted Dolls In The World

All over the world, there are haunted dolls, lurking in museums or on the shelf in children’s bedrooms. They are always watching, and according to some, they are even moving. The most famous dolls have inspired horror movies, including The Conjuring and Chucky. Here, we unfold the haunted tales behind the most famous haunted dolls out there.
The actual Tallmans bunk beds

Are Tallmans Bunk Beds Really Haunted?

The story of the Tallman house is so scary that it has a whole 1988 Unsolved Mysteries' episode about it. The episode follows the owners of the house, Debbie and Allen Tallman, as they bought a supposedly haunted set of bunk beds into their home. The Tallman’s experienced a range of terrifying and blood-curdling paranormal experiences while in possession of these bunk beds, from paranormal visions to disembodied voices.
The Hands Resist Him, Most Haunted Painting In The World

The Hands Resist Him (Most Haunted Painting)

Simply glancing in the direction of this painting ensured you’d leave thinking about it for hours, or perhaps days, on end. Those who owned it fared far worse. The Hands Resist Him is one of the few paintings I’ve ever looked at in my life that send chills down my spine from one simple glance.
A Dybbuk Box placed on a broken mirror

A Real And Scary Dybbuk Box Story

It was 2004, an eBay delivery arrived at the home of Jason Haxton that would unexpectedly change his life forever. Soon after he opened the package, his eyes turned red, his body reacted in a breakout of a rash, and he would randomly feel choked. The events that occurred following receiving this antique wooden box led Haxton to believe he had been cursed by a dybbuk, also known as Dybbuk; part of Jewish mythology, which is a possessed spirit claiming to be the soul of the dead.
The real Annabelle doll

The Real Annabelle Doll

You might have become more familiar with the Annabelle Doll due to the film Annabelle, a prequel to the successful The Conjuring that featured the supposedly haunted Raggedy Ann Doll. But despite the Hollywood movies, the doll is real and has an interesting backstory. Annabelle’s story started when she has moved to the (now closed) occult museum owned and run by the paranormal investigators’ Ed and Lorraine Warren, located in Monroe, Connecticut.
The Hands Resist Him Haunted Painting

Most Haunted Items In The World

Behind every monumental horror film is a haunted object. From childhood dolls to old paintings, these cursed objects have inspired fear for decades. Are they really as haunted as we’ve been led to believe? If so, what is the history behind them that testifies to this? Look no further than our top 5 most haunted objects of all time.