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person watching a ghost hunting show

What Are The Best Ghost Hunting Shows?

Let's get right to the original - the one that started it all. Ghost Hunters is most definitely one of the best ghost-hunting shows out there. It's the OG for a reason. Ghost Hunters first hit our TVs in 2004 and quickly set a standard for all ghost-hunting shows that came afterward. And honestly, it was difficult to top.
york ghost merchants

York Ghost Merchants – A Quirky Little Gift Shop

Angus McArthur and David Bloodworth launched The Sorrowful Guild of Master Ghost Makers. Instead of sharing ghost stories, they used their talent and created some of the finest York ghosts. This endeavour led to the launch of the ever-popular York Ghost Merchants in 2019. David Bloodworth explained that the Shambles-based store chose to focus on the 600-year-old tradition of ghost-making.
Paranormal Magazine

Paranormal Magazine… Age-old paranormal secrets reviled!

Paranormal Magazine is the UK’s leading magazine in the paranormal world. Filled with superb content helping readers gain insight into this field. Everything from famous hauntings, ghastly ghost images, legends and myths to exposed paranormal teams. There is enough content to suit everyone, including articles, photos, videos, podcasts and more! The Paranormal Magazine was established in 2013 by Lee Steer and Wayne Ridsdel.