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A medium giving a person a reading

What Is A Medium In Ghost Hunting?

If you are going ghost hunting, you have probably stocked up on all the ghost hunting equipment you'll need. However, what happens when you've found a ghost? How do you communicate with them? People always look for ways to communicate with spirits, and this is where mediums come in. So, what is a medium's role in a ghost hunt? Let's explore this a little deeper.
A psychic medium doing a reading

How Do Mediums Communicate With Spirits

Communicating with spirits is a unique gift bestowed on some individuals. These people have the ability to make contact with the spirit world, relaying messages to the living. But, how exactly do mediums communicate with ghosts and spirits, and how can you learn to communicate with spirits, too? Mediumship is the practice of bridging the communication gap between spirits and the dead and those in the living world.
A psychic medium giving a reading

What Are Psychic Mediums?

Whether you want to communicate with loved ones who have passed on or seek clarity about a specific situation in your life, a psychic medium may be able to offer the answers you are looking for. Many people rely on the psychic skills of these professionals to guide them through challenging times. While pop culture often depicts psychic mediums as spooky ladies who live in caravans filled with crystal balls, you shouldn't believe everything you see on TV.
An image of what the spirit world might look like

Is There A Spirit World?

Throughout history, human beings have been fascinated by the idea of a realm beyond our natural world, where spirits, ghosts, and other ethereal entities reside. From ancient folklore to modern-day paranormal investigations, the concept of a spirit world has captured the imagination of countless people across cultures and civilisations.
A woman scrying using a black mirror

What Is Scrying?

Often referred to as the ancient art of second sight, scrying is said to date back to the 10th Century and was first mentioned in an Ancient Persian text called the Shahnameh. The Shahnameh is a lengthy poem that was written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi and is widely known across Greater Iran. The poem mentions the Cup of Jamshid, which was used by the mythological Persian kings to observe the seven layers of the universe.
A ghost floating above some perfume bottles

What Do Ghosts Smell Like?

Have you ever smelled unusual smells that did not belong where they occurred? Like the familiar scent of perfume in an empty room or the smell of tobacco in a home where nobody smokes? Or perhaps you were sitting peacefully watching your series on television when the rancid odour of sulphur wafted past and then quickly disappeared? It may be possible that these were paranormal smells and you were not alone.
A woman coming out of a mirror portal holding a girls hand

Are Mirrors Portals?

Have you ever looked at your own reflection in a mirror, only to notice a shadowy figure or strange shape standing behind you? Creepy, right? For centuries, reflective surfaces have been steeped in superstition and folklore, with many cultures believing that a mirror can act as a window between the physical realm and the spirit world.
A ghost woman holding an axe

Can Ghosts Hurt You?

It is not uncommon for a person to have a fear of ghosts. There are plenty of ghost stories that tell tales of terrifying spirits, out to seek revenge. While most ghosts tend to be friendly rather than vengeful, this does not diminish the fear you may have of a ghostly encounter. Chances are, you've probably watched dozens of movies that depict evil spirits of all kinds.
The ghost of a cat in the living room

Are Ghost Cats Real?

When you lose a beloved feline friend, it's only natural to miss them and still want them around. Perhaps you've heard stories about ghost cats, or you could've sworn you heard a cat jump in your home, and now you're wondering whether your own pet might still be in your presence. With so many people making claims about seeing a ghost cat, it's hard to believe the stories aren't true.
The Romans commanding ghosts what to do

12 Interesting Facts About Ghosts

For centuries, ghosts have been a fascinating topic. From the famous ghost hunters on YouTube to people telling ghost stories around the dinner table, everyone has something to share. Whether you've experienced your own ghost sightings, are wondering if ghosts exist or you simply want to delve deeper into the intriguing world of the paranormal, here are a few interesting facts about ghosts to add to your knowledge bank.