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A woman using sage to cleanse her home

How To Sage Cleanse Your Home

Smudging is an ancient spiritual ritual, associated with Indigenous communities of North America. During this sacred ceremony, specific purifying herbs are burned to rid a person, space or object of negative energies. Smudging is most commonly performed by burning sage, although alternatives can be used.
A golden pentacle on desk with plants around it

What Is A Pentacle?

The pentacle resembles a five-pointed star enclosed in a circle. It is derived from the Latin word pentaculum, which means "five" (penta-) and "instrumentality" (-culum). This enclosed star has also been linked to the French word pentacol (which was used in the 1320s), which means "talisman". It's a star is drawn how you imagine a kid would draw a star, with all the lines and corners connected and intersecting.
A woman smiling showing her teeth

Do Ghosts Have Teeth?

In the realm of the paranormal, there are tons of questions that boggle the mind and spark our curiosity. One of these questions is, 'Do ghosts have teeth?'. Although it seems silly, it's super important to understand the characteristics of ghosts and how we perceive them. Ghosts are often depicted as transparent beings or shadowy figures with no real defining features.
Four people sat around a table doing a séance

How To Communicate With Ghosts

Well-known writer and cartoonist Ashleigh Brilliant once said, "Communication with the dead is only a little more difficult than communication with some of the living". And we strongly agree! When it comes to contacting spirits, it may seem almost impossible. However, this may just be because you need a little bit of practice.
A child holding hands with a ghost

Can Kids See Ghosts?

The flood of online posts by parents telling of their children's experiences with the supernatural suggests today's kids are seeing dead people in huge numbers. If your daughter says she's scared because of the spooky figure prowling her bedroom at night, it may be a ploy to sneak into bed with you.
A woman laid in bed sleeping surrounded by mist

What Does Dreaming About Ghosts Mean?

Dreaming about ghosts can be very disconcerting: and you may ask, why am I seeing dead people? Psychologists believe that ghosts in dreams could be because unresolved emotions are weighing you down, or that something is preventing you from performing at your best. Ghosts in dreams can take the shape of a shadowy figure or a simple wisp of light.
Image of an open bible with a ghost floating above it

What Does The Bible Say About Ghosts?

In no uncertain terms does the Bible reject the notion of ghosts. But, things are a bit more complicated than the scriptures simply declaring "Nope, no ghosts!". Instead, the stories about ghosts have become mingled with evil spirits, angels, the Holy Spirit, and - unfortunately - dead humans. One thing that the Bible is clear on is that once someone dies, they remain dead.
A graveyard style Ouija board

The History Of The Ouija Board

The Ouija board is a popular way to communicate with spirits and other unseen forces, including angels and demons. But where did this communication platform come from, and how did it become so widely used? The history of the Ouija board is a tale of chancers, mediums, big business, death and an undertaker.
A child holding hands with a ghost

Can Children See Ghosts?

'Mummy, I saw a ghost!'. This may be one of the most terrifying sentences to hear as a parent. But with these claims comes one important question: Can children actually see ghosts? The answer to this question really depends on where you stand on the debate of 'Do ghosts exist?'. Most people with an interest in spirituality or the paranormal believe that ghosts and energies are very real.
Satan and his demons fighting in hell

Who Is Satan? And Why Do People Worship Him?

Nothing brings about as much intrigue, mystery, and fear as the word "Satan". This disgraced angel appears in Abrahamic religions, including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Satan appears as the opposition to God in the Bible. And his is, therefore, the representation of all evil and sin. Satan goes by many names: Fallen Angel, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Perdition, Shaitan or Jinn (specifically in Islam, where evil spirits can take many forms).