Welcome to our new SpiritShack Clothing range! Our style is dark, demonic and satanic, which is just for fun and is quite unique. We focus on T-Shirts and Hoodies, but we may expand on this in the future. Some of our most popular designs are the “Start a Cult”, “Evil Friends Forever”, and “Sell Your Soul”. Keep checking here to see our latest designs and additions, as we intend to expand our clothing range. Our T-shirts and Hoodies come in many colours and all sizes, and they are unisex, fitting both men and women.

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What is paranormal clothing?

Paranormal attire is attire associated with ghosts and the supernatural. This may include ghost-hunting merchandise, witch’s robes, and clothes witches wear during spiritual or occult rituals.


Do I need special clothing for ghost hunting?

There are no clothing requirements to ghost hunt; you can wear what you like. While some investigators may choose to wear apparel with a paranormal and supernatural theme. Others may wear comfortable, durable, warm clothes with enough pockets to carry equipment.


Can paranormal clothing protect me from ghosts?

No official scientific evidence supports paranormal attire protecting you from ghosts. It is believed that apparel with certain symbols may offer protection from negative and evil energy. These protection symbols include the triple moon, the horned god and the evil eye.


Can I purchase paranormal clothes online?

Yes, we sell paranormal-themed garments right here at SpiritShack.


What should I look for when buying clothing?

When shopping for paranormal apparel, you should consider the quality of the materials used and the build quality. As well as the fit and comfort, and of course, the design.