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Thank you for checking out our SpiritShack Hoodies! Our clothing style is satanic, dark, and demonic, just for fun and unique. We create all our designs, and you will not find them elsewhere. We are always working on expanding our collection. Some of our most popular designs are the “Sell Your Soul”, “Let’s Start a Cult”, and “Evil Friends Forever”. Our Hoodies come in many colours and all sizes, and they are unisex, fitting both men and women. Our Hoodies are made to a very high quality using a poly/cotton blend.



What are paranormal hoodies?

Paranormal hoodies are hoodies which feature a paranormal or supernatural theme. Topics may include ghosts, cryptids, witchcraft, demons, angels, and other supernatural phenomena.


Where can I buy ghostly hoodies?

We offer a range of paranormal hoodies right here at SpiritShack. You may find them from a range of retailers such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and speciality shops which cater for fans of the paranormal.


What materials are supernatural hoodies made from?

Paranormal hoodies are often a blend of cotton and polyester. You may find some in other materials, such as fleece or wool.


Are your hoodies unisex?

Most paranormal hoodies, and hoodies in general, are designed to be unisex. And you can wear them regardless of your gender. In contrast, some may be for men or women.


What sizes do the hoodies come in?

Paranormal hoodies come in various sizes, from small to large. At SpiritShack, we offer extended sixes up to 5x XL.