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Phasmophobia Tips

Launched by Kinetic Games in 2020, Phasmophobia burst into the gaming world like a bat out of hell. Described as "an indie game studio focusing on immersive cooperative horror games", Phasmophobia casts you and up to four players as paranormal investigators, equipped with an array of ghost-hunting gear.
top 8 ghost hunting games

What Are The Best Ghost-Hunting Games?

If you're eager to experience the spine-chilling world of the supernatural from the comfort of your gaming chair, we've got a treat (or trick) for you... If you're a die-hard fan of paranormal investigation shows and films, Phasmophobia is the game for you. This game offers a 4-player online co-op experience.
Alice box

What is the Alice Box? Tips and Tricks

Alice Box devices use Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) to record the voices of spirits that appear in audiovisual form. A German physicist named Professor Ernst Senkowski coined the term Instrumental Trans Communication. This refers to the practice of communicating with spirits through electronic devices.

Do Ghost Hunting Apps Work?

Do Ghost Hunting Apps Really Work? Most ghost hunting apps are just designed to be fun and creepy, and do not work. EVP recorder apps can work just as well as using an EVP recorder. And any app which uses your device's compass to detect EMF as input may work too. [one_half] EMF detector apps will only work if your device has a built-in compass.
Paratek ghost hunting app

How Does The Paratek Work?

The Paratek App has many similar qualities to the Ovilus. We see this being used on many ghost hunting shows that use Artificial Intelligence Speech generators (AI). The third-generation AI System makes the app unique as it features a built-in Gyroscope, or digital compass (Magnetometer) this can scan through 4 layers to analyse data and decipher it and the 2000+ words in the App.
The best ghost apps in 2021

The Best Free Ghost Hunting Apps

Whether you’re new to the world of the paranormal or an expert of preternatural detection, never has there been so many options for app-based technologies for tracking ghosts. With a smart device and basic knowledge about ghost detection tools, we could all try our luck with the science of apparitions.