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Paranormal Witness

Paranormal Witness is a paranormal documentary television series, the show tells the stories of individuals’ paranormal experiences in a dramatic portrayal.

Many shows in this genre can often turn out as cringe mimics, but Paranormal Witness seems to avoid this stereotype and produces some credible re-enactments of some infamous paranormal stories, such as the conjuring and the exorcist.

Whether you are watching to be spooked or purely for entertainment purposes, these top-rated Paranormal Witness episodes are a must-watch for any horror fan.

1. Fox Hollow Farm – S2 EP8

This episode ranks so highly as is a terrific depiction of the hauntings that occurred at Herbert Baumeister’s former residence. Baumeister was a serial killer famously known for his suspected killings in Indiana. He was investigated for the murders of more than a dozen men in the 1990s.

Fox Hollow Farm was sold to a family at an outstandingly reduced price. When strange happenings began in the house, the family believed that intruders were responsible. Eventually, it became clear that this activity was paranormal. The spirits that are claimed to roam the house include the murder victims of Baumeister, occasionally, even Baumeister himself is the source of the spooky happenings.

In the episode, you can expect to see some enthralling interviews and lots of real-life footage from the scene of the haunted house. The re-enactments feel scarily real, and the disturbing backstory makes it an even more scary watch.

2. Through The Eyes Of A Killer S3 EP14

This epic episode of Paranormal Witness dives into the world of Psychics. The story follows a young female psychic in New Jersey, as she uses her psychic powers to help solve a police investigation into a serial killer. Psychics are often judged in a sceptical manner, despite being a worldwide phenomenon. Regardless, the episode captures the psychic experiences in an interesting way, and from a particularly emotional perspective.

The psychic provides a deep insight into the serial killers’ minds and the driving force behind their actions. She provides a scarily accurate description of the criminal events which is too powerful to ignore.

The episode takes a step back from the traditional dramatic effects usually seen in horror shows, such as jump scares, and it provides a psychological perspective on psychics and true crime.

3. The Exorcist S3 EP19

The Exorcist is a classic in the realm of horror, featuring one of the most famous possessions of all time. A young girl, Regan, was noticed to be acting very abnormal, which led to Regan’s family finding out she has been possessed by a demonic spirit. The film was incredibly successful and was later produced as a paranormal television show.

The film tells a very disturbing story in a particularly interesting way, it seemed to inspire a new era of horror movies. There is also a religious influence on which adds another layer to the film.

The acting is faultless and there is no scene that has not been cleverly constructed to increase the tension and cause a fright.

4. The Innocent S3 EP15

This is one of the more mysterious and subtle horror episodes, rather than the obvious disturbing murder stories previously described. There is an eery feel to the scenes which makes it an intense watch as they uncover the mystery step by step.

The Innocent features a couple who are newly married, they are seen happily moving into their new home in Wisconsin. Not long after, they are taunted by the presence of a young boy ghost. Many horrors feature the haunting of a family. However, this episode portrays the events in a realistic and less exaggerated way.

5. The Real Conjuring S4 EP10

This horror film does not require an introduction, The Conjuring is a record-breaking movie that has earned its rightful spot in the ranks of horrors. Any true horror fan knows this horror story inside out. If somehow you missed this episode, you must go back and watch it, as it is a must-see.

A large family are the target of hauntings coming from evil forces, inflicting great pain on each member of the family. The forces traumatise them by physically attacking them and cursing their existence.

The show provides an excellent take on the events in The Conjuring. It is difficult to beat the original in most cases, but this episode is a particularly good attempt at recreating the successful horror film.

If you are looking to be frightened to your core, this is the episode for you.

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What are the best ghost hunting TV shows?

There are many thrilling, ghost-busting TV shows, such as Paranormal Witness, Ghost Asylum, Ghost Adventures, and Ghost Hunters.

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