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What Is Huff Paranormal?

Huff Paranormal is an extremely popular YouTube channel that is led by paranormal investigator Steve Huff. Huff has earned himself quite a reputation among paranormal enthusiasts. Ever since posting his first video in which he claimed to communicate with spirits on the other side.

Of course, for as many people who think his communication sessions are genuine, there are just as many who aim to debunk his claims. While matters of the supernatural are all up for debate, there are some interesting facts about Steve Huff that you may want to know.

We’re going to tell you all about Steve Huff so that you can make an informed decision on whether to believe his connection to the afterlife or chalk it all down to bogus claims.

Who is Huff Paranormal?

Steve Huff is a paranormal investigator and runs a successful YouTube platform on which he claims to communicate with spirits. He claims to connect with famous (and infamous) figures like serial killer John Wayne Gacy, actress Marilyn Monroe and the co-founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs.

His spirit sessions with the other side gained popularity when he began posting videos speaking with these well-known figures, and his channel has continued to grow. This is because the responses he was able to capture were some of the clearest. And the most convincing and most relevant answers the paranormal community had ever heard.

However, Steve lost his claim to fame when people began to call out some videos as being fake. But before we get into the controversy around Steve and his YouTube spirit sessions, let’s delve a little deeper into his career.

What is Huff Paranormal most famous for?

Steve Huff burst onto the paranormal scene when he put out his first video claiming to speak to the late Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who tragically passed away in 2020. His death shook thousands of Bollywood fans and became headline news within the Hindi film industry.

Huff posted a series of communication videos using a spirit box to speak with Sushant. During the video, he asked several questions about his life, like ‘What happened before your death?’ and ‘You remember how you died?’. What shocked Steve’s viewers was that they were able to hear the responses to these questions loud and clear. However, the answers seemed a little off…

Later, sceptics and truth-seekers within the paranormal community started to delve a little deeper into each YouTube video that Steve had posted in which he spoke to Sushant. Sadly, some details of this spirit or ‘soul speaking’ session didn’t quite add up. And they began to accuse Huff of using sound bites from old interviews with Sushant to fake responses from his spirit.

While Huff hasn’t addressed these claims, he has taken the original video and the follow-up videos down from his channel.

How popular is Huff Paranormal’s YouTube channel?

Despite the controversy over whether Huff really has a strong connection with heaven and the afterlife, his channel is still incredibly popular. As of September 2023, his channel has 1,000 video uploads and over 1.6 million subscribers.

While it seems that his sessions with more prominent historical figures have become less frequent, he still posts regular uploads. He still reaches out to a ghost to ask them about their death, heaven and much more.

What services does Steve Huff offer?

Huff currently runs a website and Patreon alongside his YouTube channel. On his Patreon, he offers paid group sessions in which members can potentially connect to their deceased loved ones. During these sessions, he claims to connect with spirits on the other side and hear clear messages from the spirit he creates a connection with.

The Miracle Box

We can’t speak about Steve Huff without mentioning the Miracle Box app for spirit communication. The Miracle Box app works as a digital spirit box and is designed to help people connect and communicate clearly with spirits.

Huff claims that the Miracle Box provides 100% genuine and authentic spirit communication. He emphasizes that if you hear a reply from a spirit during your contact session, it is considered a genuine response.

How does the Miracle Box work?

The Miracle Box – like other spirit communication devices such as a spirit box, EVP recorder, or Ovilus – is said to work by allowing ghosts to manipulate the audio to send messages to the living.

It’s important to remember that ghost-hunting apps are not guaranteed to be effective. So, despite Huff’s claims that this is a genuine way of communicating with the deceased and that it is ‘100% false positive free,’ there is no way to back up these claims. However, people who have used the Miracle Box have claimed to get real responses and results.

Is Steve Huff Legit?

Huff’s track record of being called out for phoney spirit sessions has definitely put a huge dent in his once-sterling reputation. However, there are people who have worked with him who claim to have heard from their deceased loved ones during his group sessions and who believe that his work is very real.

There is no real way to know if Steve Huff’s communications with the dead are authentic or nothing more than a hoax. Much like everything in the supernatural realm, it’s important to use a healthy dose of scepticism with everything. But what it really comes down to is that it’s up to the viewer to decide if they want to believe in his claims or not.


Can I book a one-on-one session with Steve Huff?

While Huff offers group spirit communication sessions with members of his Patreon, he does not offer one-on-one sessions. If you do want to contact Huff, you may need to join his Patreon and participate in a group session instead.

Will I be able to communicate with spirits with the Miracle Box app?

Although the Miracle Box has become really popular with amateur paranormal investigators and enthusiasts, it’s important to remember that free mobile ghost hunting apps aren’t always effective for speaking with ghosts. Besides EVP apps or mobile recorders, almost no ghost-hunting apps are guaranteed to work.

Instead of using apps, it may be a better idea to invest in some high-quality ghost-hunting equipment. These tools are more accurate and rely on environmental readings that mobile devices just aren’t able to read. Luckily, SpiritShack has all the equipment you need!

Final Thoughts

In spite of his seemingly unwavering YouTube following, Steve Huff has found himself in plenty of hot water among the paranormal community. With some of his most popular content being debunked and an app that claims to help people speak to the dead, his career as a paranormal investigator has been nothing short of interesting. But whether you want to believe Steve or not is all up to you.


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